Who Am I?

What Do I Do?

Well, obviously, my real name isn't Illutian Kade. I choose to create and Online Identity to avoid possible issues that may arise should I use my Real Name.


Now that that's said. Who am I?


Well, I'm just a gamer; probably like you. I've played video games since I was a wee lad of ten.


That game being Raptor: Call of the Shadows. From there I was whisked away into the realm of RTS with Age of Empires (the first one). Finding a passion for that type of game I moved onto play RTS-styled games like Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, StarCraft, and the later editions to those franchises.


Later, though, I happened across a game called Lineage II, and the private servers that surrounded it. The server I played on is long-since shutdown and forgotten. But it started me a path; a path that would consume much of my time. -- Though not to the extreme extent that it's consumed others.


After sometime, found my way to the MMO that is humorously called "The MMO That Shall Not Be Named"...you guessed it World of Warcraft. I've literally spent thousands of hours playing it over the years. World of Warcraft is what got me truly into MMOs and Online gameplay. Now, I can't imagine playing a game that doesn't have some sort of Multiplayer Mode.

Beyond the obvious "I play video games".


I currently work on webpages; you're looking at one of the projects now. Nothing fancy like you'd see from a "professional". But it's still something that I like to mess around with. And I guess I'm good enough to get paid to make 'em. -- Not going to link to those projects because that would eventually lead to the link to my Offline Identity, something that I'd like to avoid.


Aside from that I follow several bits of Technology. One of them being Bitcoin and it's crypto-currency offshoots. In short, I both mine and invest in Bitcoin, as well as, promote the concept of Decentralized Virtual Currency.

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